Large or small...
our vehicles can deliver a multitude of shapes, sizes and weights.

Our Current Range of Delivery Vehicles

We plan to increase our fleet with a range of new vehicle types so please check back here regularly to see our updated list.

DAF 18 Ton

Our current 18 ton curtain sided vehicle is a DAF CF 230 with a 6 speed astronic gearbox and a 6.7 litre engine. 

To aid with our company goals we added additional features for both driver/public safety. These include drivers air seat, arm rest, cruise control, reverse alarm, reverse camera, sat-nav, turning warning, engine idle shutdown, lane departure warning and tail lift.

All these features along with many more promote a safer working environment for our drivers and enable them to perform to a higher standard. Most importantly it helps them and the public to be aware of the vehicle/obstacles on reversing, turning and general parking procedures.s

CP Transport Solutions 18 ton Cargo Space

DAF 7.5 Ton

Our current 7.5 ton curtain sided vehicle is a DAF LF 150 with a 5 speed gearbox and a 3.8 litre engine. 

This delivery vehicle is a euro 6 fitted with all the latest technology, including cameras (front, back & sides) audible left hand turn and reverse and tracking technology.

CP Transport Solutions 7.5 ton Cargo Space


Mercedes-Benz – Sprinter.

All delivery vans have curtain sides for easy loading and unloading. 

CP Transport Solutions Van Cargo Space